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Mission 15 (MISSION (ミッション) : 15, Misshon: 15?) is the fifteenth chapter of the SPY x FAMILY manga, written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. It was released on October 7, 2019.[1]


The teams line up

Anya Forger tells Loid Forger a rumor she heard from Becky Blackbell that she has a chance to earn a Stella Star in P.E. class. Determined to help Anya do well, Yor Forger and Anya train for the class. Anya, Becky, and Damian's gang have a bit of an argument before they go line up on the court. Henry Henderson announces that he will be overseeing the interclass dodgeball match between Cecile Hall and Wald Hall as Coach Bobby is out sick.

Damian throws a dodgeball

Damian throws the first ball of the game but it is quickly caught by Bill Watkins, a large muscular student from Wald Hall. Bill throws the ball back at Cecile's team, eliminating 4 of its members. Becky attempts to take him out, but he ends up catching the ball and throwing it right back at her, eliminating her. Bill continues his destruction until the matchup gets to 15-5. Cecile's team now only consisted of Anya, Damina, Ewen Egeburg, Emile Elman, and one other unnamed student. Damian, concerned, tries to come up with a plan to take out Bill.

Emile saves Damian

While Damian is lost in thought, Bill fires another ball off towards Damian. Emile jumps in the way, saving Damian from doom. Bill tries to hit Damian again, but this time Ewen jumps in the way. With 3 players left for Cecile Hall, Bill decides to go after Anya next. He throws a low ball at her, but she reads his mind and jumps to avoid it. He throws 3 more shots, but they all miss her, with the final one hitting the unnamed student. Damian compliments her dodging skills, while Anya inches closer to out of bounds. Becky notices this and yells at Anya to stay in bounds. Anya gets surprised by this and ends up falling over.

Damian tries to catch the ball

Bill sees his chance and hurls a ball towards Anya while yelling "Die!!!". Damian looks at her pitifully, but ultimately jumps in the way of the ball and tries to catch it. He ends up failing to catch it, leaving him eliminated from the game. Damian realized that he couldn't get MVP now, meaning there was no chance he would get a Stella Star, which upset him.

Anya throws a ball at Bill

Anya announces that she will get revenge for Damian's death, and throws a ball at Bill. The ball ends up going right towards the ground though, and Bill quickly throws the ball right back at her and hits her.

Bill and his team were excited, as he was going to get a Stella Star. Or at least, that's what they thought would happen. However, Henry informs them that they don't give out Stella Stars for P.E., but he may need to give Bill a Tonitrus Bolt for yelling "Die!!!" at Anya. Damian rushes over to Anya, yelling at her about how his sacrifice was all for nothing. Henry Henderson had been contemplating the idea that they deserved a Stella Star, but after that comment changed his mind.





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