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Mission 12 (MISSION (ミッション) : 12, Misshon: 12?) is the twelfth chapter of the SPY x FAMILY manga, written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. It was released on August 26, 2019.[1]


The television plays footage of the leaders of Ostania and Westalis talking over normalizing relationships between their two countries as Loid Forger thinks to himself that, even if what he creates under the Westalian Intelligence is a flimsy peace, it is still one that shouldn't be broken. He steps forward to greet Yuri Briar as he enters the Forger household, shaking his hand as he wonders if Yuri will be a threat to his fake family or not at the same time Yuri wonders if Loid is truly worthy of being his sister's husband. Loid offers to take Yuri's coat and briefcase, but the SSS member tells him that it's fine, Loid then saying he'll go and make dinner while Yuri and Yor catch up. Yuri thinks to himself that he wouldn't want to eat something Loid made as Yor remarks that his face is scary, commenting that he must be nervous. Yuri worries to himself that he accidentally let his hostility show since he hasn't calmed down since the interrogation, pledging to act as a diligent civil servant in front of Yor as Yor pledges to act as a loving wife in front of Yuri.

Yor arranges the flowers Yuri brought in a vase as he sits down in the living room, thanking him which prompts Yuri to then say that this doesn't mean he approves of Yor's marriage, telling his sister that it's just too sudden and asking her why she kept it a secret from him for a whole year anyway. Loid, watching from the kitchen, thinks to himself that that's a natural question as he replays his and his wife's earlier conversation in his head.

The flashback begins with Loid telling Yor that it's not good to be caught up in a web of lies, asking her if it would be okay just to tell Yuri the truth: that she married to avoid the stigma of being single at her age. Yor says that that wouldn't work since he's a little eccentric and wouldn't approve of her living with someone she doesn't even love, then saying that she knows she's making things difficult but that she will be able to think of a good excuse to tell him.

It ends, and Loid confidently thinks that it's fine to leave it to Yor as she knows Yuri the best. Yuri asks his sister why she hasn't answered him, and Yor looks him straight in the eyes and says to her brother that she just forgot to tell him. Loid wears a look of regret and Yuri, confused, stammers a little before asking Yor about the phone call the other day during which a partner was mentioned, wondering aloud why she didn't just tell him then. Yor says that she forgot that she forgot to tell him. Loid continues to wear the same look, but Yuri just says that that explains it, losing all reason when dealing with his sister, who then laughs and apologizes when Yuri says that she can be such a klutz sometimes. Loid is shocked that Yuri is satisfied with that answer, thinking to himself that there's something wrong with the Briar family.

Loid apologizes for the wait as he brings the food over, Yuri thinking angrily that he shoudln't butt in on his and his sister's conversation, then catching himself as he realizes that he has to be nice to Loid or Yor might hate him. He takes a bite and Yor comments on how good Loid's cooking is, Yuri aggressively thinking that he can't win him over just with his food as he produces a bottle of wine that he brought, deciding to loosen Loid's lips in order to expose him. Loid whispers to Yor that she shouldn't drink if they don't want a repeat of last time.





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