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Mission 10 (MISSION (ミッション) : 10, Misshon: 10?) is the tenth chapter of the SPY x FAMILY manga, written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. It was released on July 29, 2019.[1]


Anya tries to read Loid's mind

The chapter opens into the Forger family home, in which Loid Forger is explaining fractions to Anya Forger to help her with her studies. Anya is visibly confused by Loid's teaching, so Yor Forger turns and pauses as she's cleaning the room and suggests they take a break. Loid turns down the suggestion and says that Anya needs to memorize the math by today, thinking to himself that plan A, to get Anya Imperial Scholar status, is now the best option for his operation's success since plan B, to get Anya to befriend the target's son Damian Desmond, failed when the two fell out. He reminds his daughter that if she doesn't finish it quickly she'll miss her spy cartoon, and a now startled Anya decides to read his mind in order to get the answer. She finds it too full to read, however, and, when then opting to read Yor's mind, finds that hers is too empty and that she's as clueless as Anya is, and falls down to the ground in shock. Yor asks if she's okay and Loid asks why she can't solve it, and Anya runs away to her room despite Loid's protests, screaming that she hates studying.

Yor says to Loid that he shouldn't be forcing her to study like that, but he just says that she needs to if she wants to be an imperial scholar. Yor asks if she even wants to be, and Loid thinks to himself that it's just convenient for his mission, Yor then saying that she just wants Anya to enjoy her time at school and only study enough that she passes. Loid sighs and agrees, Yor then growing flustered and apologizing for telling him how to raise his own daughter. Her husband dismisses this, admitting that she's right and thanking her for speaking up before expressing his trouble dealing with children and suggesting they take a break for some tea.

Loid and Yor call out to Anya

Loid calls into Anya's room that he's making hot chocolate if she wants any, sighing when he's met with silence as Yor laughs and comments on how Anya's stubbornness is similar to that of her and her younger brother when they were young. Loid then says that Yor's brother's intelligence must be pretty impressive since he works for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and asks how he studied back when he was younger to which Yor just says that he's more on top of things than she is. She says that, embarrassing as it is, he taught her more than she ever taught him, remembering their numerous lessons and telling Loid how happy he seemed when she praised him for his studies. Loid comments that using praise as motivation may have been his reason to study so hard, and Yor agrees, suggesting he could do something similar for Anya. Loid says he doesn't know about that as he thinks to himself that he's far from the ideal father for her, but his wife tells him to have confidence and explains that Anya thinks he's a wonderful father as she reminds him that she gave him 100 points during the Eden interview. Touched, Loid thanks her, and Yor again grows flustered and apologizes for being so forward despite being an outsider, but Loid tells her that she's part of the family now and he'll always be counting on her for things he can't do. Yor then remembers that she's his wife and Loid laughs and says not to forget that when they're outside, then asking her if she could help with Anya's study sessions. She agrees, saying there's no rush and that they can do it together.

Loid puts Anya to bed

Loid thinks to himself that she's right, there's no need to rush, as, if all he wanted to do was assassinate Donovan Desmond, he could've done that in many other ways since it won't resolve anything. He reminds himself that as a spy he needs to play the waiting game and earn his target's trust, then thinking that he should check up on Anya. He tells Yor where he's going and she says that she'll do the dishes in that case, and Loid calls into Anya's room that her spy show is about to start and that he's sorry for earlier. When met with silence, he enters to find her fast asleep after studying on her own, mumbling to herself that she'll be number one for her father. Loid smiles and carries Anya to her bed, a little confused as she then mutters in her sleep that her mother shouldn't kill her father. As he exits her room, Loid wonders how he'd feel if this was a real family.

In town, Dominic calls out to Yuri Briar and asks him if he's working hard, to which Yuri replies he's been so busy he hasn't been home for a while. Dominic comments that it must be difficult, and Yuri then remembers the party, asking him what Yor's boyfriend was like. Confused, Dominic asks if he hasn't given Yor her congratulations since they're married and a now very shocked Yuri asks him if she's actually married.





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