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Mission 1 (MISSION (ミッション) : 1, Misshon: 1?) is the first chapter of the SPY x FAMILY manga, written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. It was released on March 25, 2019.[1]


Diplomat assassinated in car accident

In Ostania, a diplomat from the western country of Westalis has the driver take him to the embassy. On their way to the embassy, the driver discovers the brakes are not working, causing them to die in a car accident when the car drives off the side of a bridge. The Westalian Intelligence view it as an assassination by far-right extremists from the eastern country of Ostania, attempting to spark a war between the two countries of Westalis and Ostania. They decide to put a stop to this scheme by leaving it to their most skilled agent, "Twilight".

Meanwhile, an investigator is handing photos of the Ostanian Minister of Foreign Affairs wearing a wig to an old man, who intends on using the pictures to force him to resign. He drives away in a black car and the investigator slinks away, only to be interrupted by the same old man who demanded for the photos. It is revealed that the old man earlier was the skilled Westalian spy, "Twilight", in disguise. 

"Twilight", under the identity of "Robert", has a meal with the daughter of the old man, Karen, who talks about how mad her father was about the photos. Seeing a couple in the midst of proposing in the restaurant, she brings up marriage to "Robert" but Twilight, who no longer has a use for her, decides to break up with her instead. He walks away and disposes of both his fake glasses and his mask of "Robert", claiming he abandoned hopes of marriage and normal life as a spy.

"Twilight" spits out his coffee in shock

"Twilight" is in a train station where he exchanges newspapers with a mysterious old man, who walks away and meows as a secret code for a cipher. "Twilight" gets on the train for Berlint and reads the given newspaper, revealing a secret message from his organization, WISE. The organization praises his efforts on his last mission and introduces his next mission and target, to investigate the Leader of the National Unity Party, Donovan Desmond, who threatens the peace between the two countries. In order to do this, the organization proceeds to tell "Twilight" that he must get married and have a child, which Twilight responds to in shock by spitting out his coffee. The organization further explains that Donovan Desmond is rather paranoid and only comes out to the regular get-togethers held at his son's prestigious school, thus he must enroll his child in this school to infiltrate these meetings and is given only one week to do so. The plan is introduced as Operation Strix, as the key to maintaining peace between the two countries, as well as the whole world. "Twilight" accepts the mission for the sake of a better world.

Anya at the orphanage

"Twilight" purchases a family unit in Ostania, obtaining a new identity as "Loid Forger", a psychiatrist. Loid Forger goes to a rather run-down and shady-looking orphanage, in order to adopt a child for Operation "Strix". He asks for a child that can read and write, to which the orphanage owner introduces Anya, wanting to get rid of her. Loid is initially reluctant due to her young appearance and height, but Anya reassures his concerns by claiming she is 6 and is able to complete a rather complicated crossword puzzle. It is revealed Anya is a telepath that was made by accident, formerly known as Test Subject "007", and escaped from the facility of a mysterious organization. Loid brings her back home and introduces the setting that she has always been his daughter, but she introduces herself too honestly to the neighbor, to Loid's annoyance. 

Loid goes out shopping and Anya insists on tagging along, in the hopes of experiencing adventure. Due to Loid's cautious spy mindset and Anya's mind-reading abilities, Anya responds to Loid's thoughts directly, such as hiding cautiously when Loid thinks of an enemy attack, which makes her actions appear rather puzzling to Loid. Anya misreads a bakery sign as bacon and attempts to buy a 1 dalc poster with a 10 pent coin, causing Loid to wonder if she is actually dim-witted instead. This causes Anya to burst into tears and beg not to be thrown away in response to Loid thinking of replacing her with another child. Loid, who is confounded by her illogical behavior, goes to a library to borrow books and guides on raising a child. Although he initially reads the books earnestly, he eventually gives up on reading them, believing he and Anya will simply part ways when his mission is over.

The next day, Loid tries to get Anya to study for the enrollment test but Anya is adamant about not studying, intending to read everyone else's minds instead. Loid, frustrated, decides to head out without Anya, but Anya persistently follows him until he barricades the entrance of the house and traps her inside. Loid meets Franky, an information dealer at a tobacco store, who gives him an application form for the exam and the question sheet. Franky also obtains information about Anya, revealing that there are no records of her birth, age, and parentage and that she has gone through various foster homes in the past year under various names, joking that Loid and Anya are similar. Loid leaves, but not before Franky warns him not to become too attached. 

A younger Anya crying

Meanwhile, Anya, currently trapped inside the house, is bored and disappointed that spies aren't as exciting as she thought. She eyes a door that Loid locked up, containing his spy gear. Before Loid left, she managed to read Loid's mind to obtain the combination to his locked up spy gear, which she uses to open Loid's transmission device. Anya fiddles with the equipment, resulting in her connecting to the old man from the beginning of the chapter. Anya, now satisfied, hurriedly tidies everything to avoid Loid finding out. Anya has a flashback to her past as a test subject, being forced to "study" by scientists and not being allowed to play for the sake of world peace, solemnly realizing she must also hide her abilities from her new father.

Loid returns from his trip outside and notices that the barricade has been moved slightly. He enters the house, revealing that a thug is hiding behind the door with a metal bar. The man attempts to hit him with the bar, but Loid dodges and counterattacks by striking his jaw with his palm, knocking him out. Another man inside the house tries to shoot at Loid, but Loid uses his groceries to guard against him and hits him with a chair while he is distracted. Loid searches for Anya in her room, but she is nowhere to be seen. As Loid thinks of abandoning Anya and starting over, the first thug sneaks behind him and attempts to swing the metal bar at Loid. 

Twilight as a child

At an abandoned supermarket, Anya has been gagged and bound by the kidnappers, the gang headed by the old man, who tracked the transmission signal and intend on using her as a hostage to force Twilight to take photos of the wig himself. An underling who suggests that they give up on the wig is shot in the head with a silenced pistol, frightening Anya. The thugs who were left at the house have returned, bringing back a bound man with a bag over his head. The first thug, now named Nguyen, hobbles in pain and complains about Loid's movements. When the old man takes off the bag, the man is revealed to be Nguyen in Loid's suit, to the shock of the others. The fake Nguyen has disappeared, along with Anya, and is now running away. Anya, moved by Loid's decision to save her, bursts into tears, reminding Loid of his childhood as a crying war orphan. Loid, still disguised as Nguyen, sets Anya down outside the supermarket and lies that they're a team of pro tag players, giving her directions to a police station and giving her a note for them, intending on letting Anya go to a better orphanage and making a new plan without a child. Anya tries to protest, but Loid chases her off and pulls off his disguise as he returns to the supermarket.

Twilight holds a gun to Edgar's head

The gang is running through the supermarket, trying to find "Twilight", but one of them sets off a wire trap that causes the flour to be released into the air from bags on the ceiling, obscuring their vision. "Twilight" attacks the thugs one by one, using the flour as cover, until they're all down. Loid holds a gun to the head of the old man, Edgar, as he reveals he knows all of his daughter's personal information and threatens Edgar with his daughter, Karen, to leave him alone for good.  

Loid returns to the exit of the supermarket and is surprised by Anya still sitting at the same place. Remembering his earlier disguise, Loid makes up an excuse for being there, not realizing Anya knows his identity. Anya clings to Loid, wanting to stay with Loid and return to their home. Loid is reminded that Anya has gone through numerous foster homes and brings her with him. On a tram, he lies that he found a venomous snake at their old home and they have to move houses. 

Now taking the exam for Eden Academy, Anya tries to read minds for answers but to her dismay, most of the children are panicked or in tears. Anya calms down and is able to remember what Loid taught her, allowing her to pass when they see her exam number on the board. Loid is overjoyed with her success, relaxing and collapsing onto the floor from the fatigue. At their new home, Anya gets a letter from the mailman and crawls into Loid's arms while he is asleep. Loid is startled, initially thinking it was an assassin, and Anya hands him the mail she received earlier, which turns out to be from Eden Academy about the secondary exam needing both parents to be present. The Forgers must face their newest challenge, obtaining a mother for the interview.



  • The map of Westalis and Ostania is similar to the geography of West Berlin and East Berlin during the Cold War era.
  • Berlin's tram line 86 ridden by Loid and Anya has been renumbered to tram line 68, named as one of the "World's Top 10 Trolley Rides" by the National Geographic Society.



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