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Camilla (カミラ, Kamira?) is one of Yor Forger's three co-workers at Berlint City Hall.


Camilla is a young woman with blonde hair, yellow eyes, and light skin with short eyebrows. Her hair appears smooth and carefully curled at the ends, reaching to her shoulders.


Camilla is initially shown to be snobbish and mean, inviting Yor to a party simply to make fun of her being single and attempting to spill hot food on Yor. Despite her thorny exterior, she has a soft side and accedes to patiently teach Yor cooking when she pleads, despite her initial frustration.


Camilla appears to live alone and seems fairly wealthy, having a two-story house large enough to hold a party in.

Story Overview

Introduction Arc

During their break, she gossips with Millie and Sharon about the recent robbery at City Hall. Camilla and Millie comment how pretty Yor is and if she isn't so clueless, she could get some good man. Since Yor is reaching 30s, Camilla tells her a story about a 30 year old woman turned to police for being a spy as her neighbors though its suspicious to be single at that age. Since Camilla is throwing a dinner party this weekend, she invites Yor and tells her to bring someone.

On the weekend, Yor comes alone at the party and Camilla, Millie and Sharon, gossip and joke if she is a spy send to lower the country's birthrate. Yor speaks with Dominic and asks him to tell her brother that she was with someone, but annoyed that she speaks with her man, Camilla joins the conversation and says that he won't do that. Later, the girls still gossip about Yor still being there, but in that moment Loid Forger comes in and says he is Yor's husband. Camilla is surprised that Yor is married and didn't tell them, and Loid explains that its his second marriage and he has a child, so Yor probably wasn't comfortable telling them that. Camilla is annoyed that Yor has such refined and handsome man and pretends to trip and drop hot food on Yor, however Yor manages to catch the plate with her legs. Desperate, Camilla tells Loid that Yor's previous job was giving "massages" to people in their hotel rooms, however Loid finds that wonderful, commenting its incredible act of self-sacrifice to provide for her younger brother as their parents were dead.

Eden Beginnings Arc

Camilla, Millie, Sharon and Yor gossip how Jim Hayward was taken away for espionage. Camilla tells Yor that Dominic met Yuri and is surprised that Yor still haven't told her brother that she is married and that Yuri is gonna call her at work.

Camilla asks Millie why Yor is looking down. When Yor expresses that she's concerned that she can't be a good wife, Camilla comments that Yor is a woman, after all. Camilla suggests Yor break up with Loid when Millie says that it won't end well if a wife's score is too far off from the husband's score. She and Camilla quickly return to work after their boss scolds them for talking.

Midterm Exams Arc

Yor asks her three co-workers for advice for learning how to cook. Though Camilla tries to leave and just tells Yor to take a class, Dominic comes by and suggests Camilla teach Yor how to cook as she is a good cook. Camilla tries to refuse but both Dominic and Yor eventually persuade her.

During their second cooking lesson, Camilla is upset at Yor for squashing the tomatoes she brought and gets angry at Dominic for bringing her into this situation. Camilla attempts to teach Yor but yells at Yor in anger when Yor continues to fail at peeling potatoes and chop meat. She tells Yor to give up but Yor begs Camilla to help her. When Yuri claims Yor's meal is delicious after trying it, Camilla and Dominic give it a try as well but collapse from how bad it is. She asks Yor if there was something her parents made for her. She then helps Yor try to recreate her mother's stew. While cooking, she comments that Yor's appeared to have changed recently. After Yor tells her family from's Eastern Nielsberg, she adds sour cream to Yor's stew to successfully recreate her mother's stew.



Camilla appears to be a good cook, being able to recreate Yor and Yuri's childhood stew just from their memories. She is also knowledgeable about cooking variations from other parts of Berlint as she adjusts the recipe after asking about Yor's hometown. It's quite likely that the dishes at her house party were cooked by her.


Yor Forger

Camilla does not appear to be close to despite them being co-workers, as Camilla is seen gossiping and making fun of Yor not being normal. She gets jealous of Yor being married to a handsome man and even tries to spill hot food on her. Despite this, Yor says Camilla always seemed like a wonderful person. Their relationship appears to improve after Camilla gives her a cooking lesson, with Camilla noting that Yor's appears to have changed after marrying Loid.

Yuri Briar

Camilla first meets Yuri when he is invited to taste test at Yor's cooking lesson, though she's seen photos of him through Yor or Dominic. She is surprised at the difference from how he appeared in photos while Yuri thanks her for all that she's done for Yor. The two do not interact much, with Yuri only getting angry when she yells at Yor and deciding she's okay when she tells Yor to divorce Loid.


Chapter Appearances

Chapter Appearances
Introduction Arc
Mission 1 Absent
Mission 2 Debut
Mission 3 Absent
Family Interrogation Arc
Mission 11 Appears
Mission 12 Absent
Mission 13 Absent
Mission 14 Appears
Midterm Exams Arc
Mission 24 Appears
Mission 25 Absent
Mission 26 Absent
Mission 27 Absent
Mission 28 Absent
Princess Lorelei Cruise Arc
Mission 43 Appears
Mission 44 Absent
Mission 45 Absent
Mission 46 Appears
Mission 47 Absent
Mission 48 Absent
Mission 49 Absent
Mission 50 Absent
Mission 51 Absent
Mission 52 Absent
Mission 53 Absent
Extra Missions
Extra Mission 1 Absent
Extra Mission 2 Flashback
Short Missions
Short Mission 1 Absent
Short Mission 2 Absent
Short Mission 3 Absent
Short Mission 4 Absent
Short Mission 5 Absent
Short Mission 6 Absent



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