Camilla (カミラ, Kamira?) is one of Yor Forger's three co-workers at Berlint City Hall.


Camilla is a young woman with blonde hair, yellow eyes, and light skin with short eyebrows. Her hair appears smooth and carefully curled at the ends, reaching to her shoulders.


Camilla is initially shown to be snobbish and mean, inviting Yor to a party simply to make fun of her being single and attempting to spill hot food on Yor. Despite her thorny exterior, she has a soft side and accedes to patiently teach Yor cooking when she pleads, despite her initial frustration.


Camilla appears to live alone and seems fairly wealthy, having a two-story house large enough to hold a party in.

Story Overview



Camilla appears to be a good cook, being able to recreate Yor and Yuri's childhood stew just from their memories. She is also knowledgeable about cooking variations from other parts of Berlint as she adjusts the recipe after asking about Yor's hometown. It's quite likely that the dishes at her house party were cooked by her.





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