Bond (ボンド, Bondo?) is the recently adopted pet of the Forger Family. Formerly known as Subject 8 (8号, 8 Gō?), Bond has been used for experiments that resulted in the dog gaining precognition abilities.


Bond is a large dog of an indeterminate breed with fluffy white fur and black paws, noted by Anya Forger to resemble the gloves and shoes of Bondman. His tail is also long and fluffy. His eyes are small and dark, with small ears that usually droop down.

Anya later gives Bond a collar in the style of a bow tie.


Bond is shown to be a very kind dog, as he uses his precognition abilities to rescue a child from being hit by a falling board and assists Anya Forger in changing the future to prevent the death of Loid Forger. He also helps Anya to retrieve her favorite pair of gloves from a fierce dog by intimidating him.


Bond was known as Subject 8 from a research initiative called "Project Apple", conducted by the previous Ostanian regime for the purpose of producing highly intelligent animals from a variety of species. When the research was terminated by the new administration, the former test subjects, including Bond, ended up in the black market. Eventually, they fell in the hands of the terrorist group led by Keith Kepler and were crudely trained as bomb dogs.

During his time as a test subject, he is shown to be treated cruelly and deemed replaceable by the researchers as he is fed disgusting food, frequently given shots, and electrocuted at a high voltage.


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Anya Forger

Loid Forger

Yor Forger


As a result of the experimentation, Bond is highly intelligent for a dog and has gained precognition abilities. Though the terrorists attempted to train him as a bomb dog, he was likely resistant due to his enhanced intelligence.


Bond gained precognitive abilities from the experiments done to him, allowing Bond to see briefly into the future, as well as when events change the future.


  • Anya named Bond after her favorite cartoon hero Bondman, noting that his personality and appearance greatly resembles Bondman.
  • The bow tie collar Anya gave Bond is a reference to the iconic bow ties of the fictional spy James Bond.



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