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Berlint City Hall (バーリント市役所 (しやくしょ) , Bārinto Shiyakusho?) is located in the capital city of Ostania, Berlint, and is the current workplace of Yor Forger.


Berlint City Hall features several departments including auditing, policy, and business development. Vice Minister Brennan was employed in the auditing department, before being assassinated by the Thorn Princess. Yor Forger, Camilla, Millie, and Sharon all work in the general office and are overseen by Chief Barnes. Matthew McMahon works as the Director of Policy, and helps to assist Yor with any issues that may prevent her from doing her work for Garden. Heymann and Vides work for the Business Development team, and were taken along on Yor's mission to defend Olka Gretcher, however they were told that they were just providing her and her husband a pleasant experience to strike a deal with Arhuas Department Stores.


The design of Berlint City Hall is inspired by Rotes Rathaus[1], the town hall of Berlin.