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Becky Blackbell (ベッキ・ブラックベル, Bekki Burakkuberu?) is the daughter of CEO Blackbell, a major military manufacturer. She attends Eden Academy as part of Cecile House, Group 3, and becomes Anya Forger's close friend.


She has shoulder-length black hair with uneven bangs that are swept to the side and held with a hairclip that resembles a lit bomb. Her hair is typically tied into two side ponytails. She lets her hair down when at home. Her eyes are narrow with double eyelids, and prominent upper and lower eyelashes. The eyebrows above her eyes are thin and short, and there is usually a slight blush on her face.

Like all other female students, she is usually seen wearing the Eden Academy uniform. Her hair is typically held by scrunchies, though she wears ribbons instead during the interclass dodgeball match.


Becky is a very kind child but with her being the daughter of a major military manufacturer, she is shown to be somewhat prideful and tries to be mature, attempting to take Anya under her wing as an act of benevolence when she views Anya as a brat. She doesn't attempt to get close to Damian Desmond despite his social position, even looking down on their classmates who try to befriend Damian and Anya who is initially bullied by Damian's group. Anya's confident smile later wins over Becky's admiration for maturity.

Becky is quite patient, going along with Anya's desire to be called "Starlight Anya" after her success at getting a Stella Star.

She is seen to also have a somewhat low outlook on monetary value as seen when she doesn't show much interest in mentioning how she gained presents such as a diamond embedded doll, and her own small house in her yard for doing well in school.


Becky was born the daughter of the CEO of Blackbell, a major military manufacturer. She is often doted on and spoiled by her parents, being given expensive rewards for succeeding at tests, some of these being a giant cake, a small house, a diamond-studded doll, a pink tank, a pink warplane, a tiara with real gems and a dog. She owns to what appears to be a Yorkshire Terrier named 'Wiesel' which she nicknames 'Weezy'.

Story Overview

Eden Beginnings Arc

Becky comes to stage, introducing herself to Anya thinking she is immature, but as Anya could read her thoughts, she turn and ignores Becky. When Damian Desmond and his followers pick on Anya, Anya just smiles like how Yor thought her, stating that she doesn't care, making Becky admire her and think she isn't immature. Damien later throws paper ball at Anya and Becky threatens him to tell the teacher for which he steps on her foot and pushes her. He continues to pick on Anya, who then punches him. When the teacher comes, Becky explains its because they kept bullying Anya the whole day, however Anya explains that she god mad at Damian for stepping on Becky's foot, making Becky realize she did this for her and thanks her.

The next day, Becky arrives at school and seeing that Anya came with a bus, she offers her chauffeur to pick up next time. They see Damian and his followers, Anya attempts to apologize, but Becky drags her away telling her to not talk to them. In the classroom, everyone avoids Becky and Anya, as they are afraid of Anya, however Becky tells Anya they need to be best friends as only she knows how great Anya is. When the class ends, Becky wakes up Anya, who wants to apologize to Damian and mumbles about world peace. Becky thinks she means peace in the schoolyard and tells Anya that she will protect her. As Becky keeps stopping Anya from apologizing, Loid who had infiltrated the school and follows Anya, calls Becky to the assembly hall, giving Anya a chance to go and apologize. Becky heads into the assembly hall, but can't figure out who called her there.


Anya Forger

Becky and Anya's friendship

Anya Forger is Becky's first close friend at Eden Academy. The two do not initially get off to a good start, with Becky viewing Anya as more childish than her and attempting to take care of her, causing Anya to ignore her approach. After Anya smiles confidently at Damian's attempts to bully her, Becky changes her opinion of her and begins to view Anya as more mature, admiring her.

After Anya punches Damian in the face and uses Damian stepping on Becky's foot as an excuse, Becky becomes moved to tears and thanks Anya profusely. Becky and Anya become much closer, Becky even offering to send Anya to school in her car. When their classmates isolate and gossip about them, Becky's confidence and friendliness are able to help Anya with her fear of school and classmates' thoughts.

Becky is also one of Anya's 'favorite things'.[1]

Damian Desmond

Becky is one of the few that do not try to befriend Damian for his father's position. She frequently defends Anya from his bullying, often expressing disgust when meeting him, and hinders Anya from apologizing to him.

Chapter Appearances

Chapter Appearances
Eden Beginnings Arc
Mission 8 Debut
Mission 9 Appears
Mission 10 Absent
Family Interrogation Arc
Mission 11 Pictured
Mission 12 Absent
Mission 13 Absent
Mission 14 Absent
Stella Star Arc
Mission 15 Appears
Mission 16 Appears
Mission 17 Appears
Inusan Crisis Arc
Mission 18 Absent
Mission 19 Absent
Mission 20 Absent
Mission 21 Absent
Mission 22 Absent
Mission 23 Appears
Midterm Exams Arc
Mission 24 Absent
Mission 25 Appears
Mission 26 Appears
Mission 27 Appears
Mission 28 Appears
Tennis Tournament Arc
Mission 29 Appears
Mission 30 Absent
Mission 31 Absent
Mission 32 Absent
Mission 33 Absent
Mission 34 Flashback
Mission 35 Absent
Desmond Reunion Arc
Mission 36 Appears
Mission 37 Appears
Mission 38 Absent
Mission 39 Absent
Post Desmond Reunion Arc
Mission 40 Absent
Mission 41 Absent
Mission 42 Appears
Extra Missions
Extra Mission 1 Absent
Extra Mission 2 Absent
Short Missions
Short Mission 1 Absent
Short Mission 2 Absent
Short Mission 3 Absent
Short Mission 4 Appears
Short Mission 5 Absent
Short Mission 6 Absent


  • Becky is Anya's first friend at Eden Academy.


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