Anya Forger (アーニャ・フォージャー, Ānya Fōjā?) is one of three main characters of SPY x FAMILY and the adopted daughter of Loid Forger and Yor Briar. Formerly known as Subject 007, she is a runaway child from an underground experiment which accidentally gave her the power to read people's thoughts. After her escape, she moves from place to place for shelter, including the orphanage where she tricks Loid Forger into adopting her.


Anya is a young girl of short stature with fair skin, noted by Loid Forger to appear about 4 to 5 years old. Her green eyes are large and oval-shaped with prominent eyelashes and thin eyebrows. She has shoulder-length, light pink hair that curls inwards with a fringe that reaches just above her eyes. She usually wears two horn-like hair ornaments with light yellow accents on the sides of her head. She is also seen to wear her hair in pigtails[2] or with a hairband[3].

Her normal attire is usually a simple dark green dress with a white ribbon, with black shoes and white folded-down socks.


Anya being a child, is very impressionable towards the things she is around. For instance, reading Loid's mind and acting in ways he found very odd and learning how to punch from Yor. Given her telepathic ability ostracizing her from people and her many foster homes, she instantly took to Twilight for being a real spy. Since being adopted, she wanted to go wherever Loid was going in hopes of seeing the spy stuff she always sees on TV but after the events of Chapter 1, she learned of the harshness of espionage and stopped messing with Loid's spy work. She is quite clever being able to spell long words by herself and helping Loid out as best she can, even nudging Loid and Yor together.

Anya really wants a loving family as her previous family likely abandoned her, leaving her with some abandonment issues as she cried at the thought of Loid replacing her and asking him not to leave her behind. This is further proven by how she lied about her age so she can be adopted by Loid so he can do his mission.

From her time as an experiment subject, Anya has a fear of people knowing she is a telepath and from their experiments, it seems that it left some mental scars on Anya.


Chapter 1 Anya past

Anya's past.

Nothing is known about where Anya is born or really where she is from just that she was used as an experiment, possibly somewhere in Ostania, for the purpose of world peace. Before her adoption by Loid Forger, Anya had gone through 4 foster homes and 2 different institutions under various different surnames.


A girl who can read someone else's thoughts, Anya is the only one who knows the overall situation of her family. She's actually only 4-5 years old but claimed herself to be 6 years old so Loid would adopt her. Originally an experimental child called "Subject 007," but escaped because she was disgusted with a life where she couldn't behave like a child. Due to her ability, she's not good with crowds. In addition, because she hasn't received a proper education, she isn't good at studying and sometimes makes it up by reading someone else's mind for answers. She likes spy anime and thinks of anything "secret" and "mission" are exciting.


Loid Forger

Yor Briar

Becky Blackbell

Damian Desmond

When she first sees him, she knows that she has to be able to befriend him so Loid is able to complete his mission, but she initially gets a bad impression of him, then Damian egotistically thinks she had fallen for him. When he finds out that her father is a "feelings doctor", he begins to treat her poorly, but is embarrassed each time she brushes off his insults with a smug face. He and his friends start to annoy her again later, and she gives up Yor's advice, punching him in the face in front of everyone. From that point on, neither liked each other.


Anya is still a child so her skills are very limited.

  • Basic Self-Defense: Anya has been taught by Yor some early basic self-defense. She uses this to punch Damian Desmond in the face.
  • Intelligence: Despite Anya's age, she is quite clever, given that as a child she absorbs knowledge like a sponge. She is smart enough to barely make it into the country's most prestigious academy that typically accepts children older than her actual age. However, she dislikes studying and seems to have a tendency to depend on her telepathic abilities when troubled. She is also capable enough to make a makeshift bomb albeit with the knowledge of an aspiring assassin managed to make a peanut bomb.
  • Strength: While still a child, she was able to punch a kid roughly the same height as her a good couple feet or two.
  • Telepath: Anya is capable of reading minds. She was experimented to bring world peace, so she may or may not develop more abilities as she grows older.
    • Mind Reading: Anya is capable of reading minds from an unknown amount of distance, but if she is not concentrated, her reach is small as compared to when she is concentrated on trying to find a purse thief a distance away in a crowd. She is sensitive to negative thoughts and becomes dizzy, to the point of a nosebleed, when reading minds in a crowd. She is also capable of reading the minds of animals, though with greater difficulty.



  • Anya's name was originally spelled as "Ania" by the author.
  • Anya's signature "horns" hair accessories and pink hair are reused from the character Ashe of the author's previous work titled Rengoku no Ashe.
  • Anya loves peanuts and hates carrots.
  • Anya's favorite TV show is "Spy Wars", an adventure anime about spies and possibly a reference to "Star Wars" with the main character "Bondman" a reference to "James Bond'.
  • Anya's exact age is unknown, due to her lack of birth records and lying about her age.
  • Anya scored 31 points on the Eden Academy written exam, barely passing.
  • Anya is the first of her grade to be awarded a Stella.


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