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Anya Forger (アーニャ・フォージャー, Ānya Fōjā?) is one of four main characters of SPY x FAMILY and the adopted daughter of Loid Forger and Yor Forger. Formerly known as "Subject 007" (被験体"007", Hikentai "007"?), she is a runaway child from an underground experiment which accidentally gave her the power to read people's thoughts. After her escape, she moved from place to place for shelter, eventually ending up at the orphanage she tricked Loid into adopting her from.


Anya is a young girl of short stature with fair skin, noted by Loid Forger to appear about 4 to 5 years old. Her green eyes are large and oval-shaped with prominent eyelashes and thin eyebrows. She has shoulder-length, light pink hair that curls inwards with a fringe that reaches just above her eyes. She usually wears two horn-like hair ornaments with light yellow accents on the sides of her head. She is also seen to wear her hair in pigtails[2] or with a hairband.[3]

Her normal attire is usually a simple dark green dress with a white ribbon, with black shoes and white folded-down socks.

Like the other students, she is usually seen wearing Eden Academy's uniform when attending school.


As she's a young child, Anya is very impressionable towards the people around her. For instance, reading Loid's mind and acting in ways he found very odd and learning how to punch from Yor. Given her telepathic ability ostracizing her from people and her many foster homes, she instantly took to "Twilight" for being a real spy. Since being adopted, she wanted to go wherever Loid was going in hopes of seeing the spy stuff she always sees on TV but after the events of Chapter 1, she learned of the harshness of espionage and stopped messing with Loid's spy work. She is quite clever being able to spell long words by herself and helping Loid out as best she can, even nudging Loid and Yor together.

Anya really wants a loving family as her previous family likely abandoned her, leaving her with some abandonment issues as she cried at the thought of Loid replacing her and asking him not to leave her behind. This is further proven by how she lied about her age so she can be adopted by Loid so he can do his mission.

From her time as an experiment subject, Anya has a fear of people knowing she is a telepath and from their experiments, it seems that it has left some mental scars on Anya.


Anya's past.

Anya's true origins, as well as the source of her telepathic abilities, are largely unknown. It is shown that she was experimented on in a lab with an unknown location, under the codename "Subject 007" and most likely somewhere in Ostania. Her powers were an accidental product of research experiments and she was forbidden by the scientists to draw, play or cry for the purpose of world peace. She escaped the facility of the research organization at some point, where she went through 4 foster homes and 2 different institutions under various different surnames and eventually ends up at the orphanage where she is adopted by Loid Forger.

When Loid meets her at the orphanage, she already possesses a chimera doll with unknown origins, later nicknamed "Director Chimera" in her spy roleplay[4]. Her relationship with the other orphans is also unknown, but they do see her off at the entrance with waving. She also has memories of her mother or a mother figure as she reacts with tears when Murdoch Swan tries to provoke Yor Forger by comparing her and Anya's old mother.


Introduction Arc

Anya is first seen in an orphanage where the owner introduces her to Loid Forger who is looking for a literate child to adopt for "Operation Strix". She discovers Loid's secret identity as "Twilight" through her mind-reading abilities and her curiosity is piqued. She continues to use her mind-reading abilities to satisfy Loid's requirements for a child, including stating her age as the minimum needed to enroll at Eden Academy, standing on her toes when he thinks she's too short, and solving a difficult crossword puzzle using his answers.

When Loid brings her back to the apartment, he instructs her on her background as his blood daughter and to refer to him as "father" like the elite, but Anya instead calls him "Papa" and introduces herself frankly as always having been his daughter to the neighbor, to his annoyance. As they enter her new home, she is delighted at the sight of a television and switches to her favorite show, "Spy Wars". When Loid prepares to go out shopping, Anya clings to his leg and insists on going with him for an adventure.


Loid Forger

Loid Forger is the adoptive father of Anya, referring to him as "Papa". She is greatly interested and admiring of Loid's identity as a spy and his mission, causing her to persuade Loid into adopting her at the orphanage and motivating her to secretly help out his missions when possible. Despite Loid initially viewing her as a replaceable tool for his mission and a nuisance, he is later reminded of his motivation as a spy and becomes very protective of her. Anya also chooses to remain with him despite Loid giving her the opportunity to be put into a better orphanage. Anya considers him one of her "favorite things", along with the treasured penguin toy he buys her at the aquarium which she finds irreplaceable even when Loid offers to buy a new one as Bond tore it up.

Yor Forger

Yor Forger is the adoptive "stepmother" of Anya, referring to her as "Mama". She manipulates Yor and Loid together upon discovering Yor's identity as an assassin and being interested in the concept of spies and assassins. When they do initially get along and even hold hands, Anya becomes shocked when Yor is reminded of her brother's accidental injury caused by her hugging him too hard, dashing away from Yor. Yor tries her best to be a better mother for Anya after the admissions interview despite knowing its a fake family, trying to improve her cooking. When Yor is discouraged by her failure, Anya comforts her and admires her strength, getting Yor to train her. Although Anya is fond of Yor, Anya is often blunt towards Yor's flaws, particularly her bad cooking, and often hurts her feelings visibly.

Becky Blackbell

Becky Blackbell is Anya's first and only friend at Eden Academy. Anya initially has a bad impression of Becky when she thinks of Anya as immature and attempts to take her under her wing, causing Anya to snub her. Becky also thinks of her as pathetic when Anya doesn't stand up for herself under Damian's bullying but changes her mind when Anya returns Damian's insults with a smug smile, even being moved when Anya gets mad at Damian as an excuse for punching him. Becky often stands up for Anya whenever Damian antagonizes Anya during their time at Eden Academy. Her frank nature and intention to be Anya's friend has helped Anya's fear of people when she is isolated by her classmates.

Damian Desmond

Anya and Damian fighting as usual.

During their first meeting at the entrance ceremony, Anya is aware of him being the son of Loid's target but gets angry when he egotistically thinks that she has fallen for him, having noticed that she is staring at him. When he realizes her father is a "feelings" doctor and that she is a commoner, he treats her with contempt and insults her, but gets embarrassed when he thinks she's looking down on him with a smug smile. He begins paying attention to Anya in classes after she is the first to punch him and eventually falls for her, much to his denial. The two continue to have a love-hate relationship as his group periodically gets into fights with Anya and Becky but Damian stands up for Anya occasionally when she is insulted by their classmates and protects her during the dodgeball competition.


Anya is still a child so her skills are very limited.

Basic Self-Defense

Anya has been taught by Yor some early basic self-defense. She uses this to punch Damian Desmond in the face.


Anya has low to sub-par abilities when it comes to academics, notably scoring very low in most of the tests she has taken at Eden Academy (She also managed to obtain one of the lowest ranks during a midterm). She seems to have an over-reliance on her telepathy skills, especially when troubled, primarily using it to answer homework questions and cheat on tests. Regardless of that, she is shown on numerous occasions to have a decent level of street smarts, saving Loid from potential death using her resourcefulness and quick thinking skills. She is also capable enough to make a makeshift bomb albeit with the knowledge of an aspiring assassin managed to make a peanut bomb.

Anya punching Damian.


While still a child, she was able to punch a kid roughly the same height as her a good couple feet or two.


Anya is capable of reading minds. She was experimented to bring world peace, so she may or may not develop more abilities as she grows older. Anya is capable of reading minds from an unknown amount of distance, but if she is not concentrated, her reach is small as compared to when she is concentrated on trying to find a purse thief a distance away in a crowd. She is sensitive to negative thoughts and becomes dizzy, to the point of a nosebleed, when reading minds in a crowd. She is also capable of reading the minds of animals, though with greater difficulty.


Anya Eclipsing.


When the new moon occurs once a month, Anya's telepathy powers do not work.

General Skills

Anya is shown to be poor in a variety of skills including studying, drawing, sports, and music. She often obtains single-digit scores for her tests and resorts to her telepathic abilities to get through classes and exams instead, refusing to study unless under Loid's strict supervision and during her "Eclipsing". Even when motivated to study during her midterm exams, she just barely passes. She tries to play a child-sized violin Loid buys her but causes the strings to snap with her bad playing. She is unable to serve the ball properly despite Yor's training and her putting her full strength into it, and fails in using a racket, vaulting, and jumping rope.

Awards and Demerits

Type Event Awarded Description
Tonitrus Bolt.png Anya Punches Damian.png Chapter 8 When Damian threw a paper at Anya, Becky called him out. Damian got irritated and stepped on Becky's foot. Anya was upset about this so she punched Damian. Due to her using violence she was punished with a Tonitrus Bolt.
Stella Star.png Ken Saved From Drowning.png Chapter 16 After checking the temperature of the pool water, Ken ends up falling in the pool and starts drowning. Anya telepathically hears his cries for help and dives into the pool to save him. Loid ends up diving in after both of them, saving Ken's life. For helping to save Ken's life, Anya was awarded a Stella Star.

Chapter Appearances

Chapter Appearances
Introduction Arc
Mission 1 Debut
Mission 2 Appears
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Admissions Interview Arc
Mission 4 Appears
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Eden Beginnings Arc
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Family Interrogation Arc
Mission 11 Appears
Mission 12 Pictured
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Stella Star Arc
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Inusan Crisis Arc
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Midterm Exams Arc
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Tennis Tournament Arc
Mission 29 Appears
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Mission 31 Flashback
Mission 32 Appears
Mission 33 Absent
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Desmond Reunion Arc
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Mission 38 Appears
Mission 39 Absent
Post Desmond Reunion Arc
Mission 40 Appears
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Princess Lorelei Cruise Arc
Mission 43 Absent
Mission 44 Appears
Mission 45 Appears
Mission 46 Appears
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Mission 49 Appears
Mission 50 Appears
Mission 51 Appears
Mission 52 Appears
Mission 53 Fantasy
Mission 54 Appears
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Extra Missions
Extra Mission 1 Appears
Extra Mission 2 Appears
Short Missions
Short Mission 1 Appears
Short Mission 2 Appears
Short Mission 3 Appears
Short Mission 4 Appears
Short Mission 5 Absent
Short Mission 6 Absent


  • Anya's name was originally romanized as "Ania" by Endo, and is thus often written as such in the backgrounds of some of the earlier chapters.
  • Anya's signature horn-shaped hair accessories and pink hair are qualities that she shares with Ashe, the main character of Endo's previous work, Rengoku no Ashe.
  • Anya loves peanuts and hates carrots.
  • The title of Anya's favorite TV show, "Spy Wars", is likely a reference to Star Wars, and the main character "Bondman" a reference to James Bond.
  • Anya's exact age is unknown, due to her lack of birth records and her constantly lying about her age.
  • Anya scored 31 points on the Eden Academy written exam, barely passing.
  • Anya is the first of her grade to be awarded a Stella Star.
  • Anya's favorite burger is burger steak.
  • Anya likes the extra toys that come with some candy brands, often using her telepathy in an attempt to read the content of the box to obtain her desired toys.[5]


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